Lessen Your Stress -- done-for-you CourseBook
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Ways to use this course
Ways to use this course
Ways to use this course
This is not just a template; you will want to sell it with your name on it
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Lessen Your Stress: Brandable, Done-For-You CourseBook

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Note: This CourseBook is also part of the Happier Days bundle.

Would you like to launch your next coaching program, online course or ebook within the next 24 hours -- and help your clients lessen their daily stress?

Use this done-for-you, brandable CourseBook to offer your clients a way to Lessen Their Stress -- and you won't have the stress of having to write a single word yourself. Because it is all done for you. Yay!

Nearly everyone faces a lot of stress in their life, and they're looking for a solution.

The problem is, most people are approaching stress in ways that often aren't helpful.

  • They are trying to "manage" their stress but not succeeding.
  • They are attempting to create "work-life balance," but it's only increasing their stress levels.
  • They're worried about the effect that stress is having on their health and other aspects of their life, which compounds the problem.
  • And often, they have just assumed that high stress is inevitable and have tried to accept it.

As a coach, you can help clients more effectively -- in any area of life or business -- once they have learned a new and simple strategy for easing their stress. 

That's why I created this CourseBook called Lessen Your Stress. I wanted you to have something super high quality that you would feel great about offering to your clients.

And I don't want you to spend hours, weeks, months hunched over a computer to create it yourself. Your role is to coach people!

This is not just a pretty template. This is a professionally written, 5-lesson course that your clients will love to pay you for.

You can open the Lessen Your Stress template in a free Canva account today, and launch your next wonderful offer within the next 24 hours, or even less.

You can focus your energy and attention where you want it: on your clients and on your growing your coaching business.

Lessen Your Stress is a 4,200 word, 44-page, professionally written (by me!) 5-lesson course.

It's made in a Canva template, fully designed and ready to go. You have the rights to use it -- put your name on it and go.

Each lesson includes an action step, journal prompts, a notes section, plus inspirational quote. There is also an introduction and conclusion in every CourseBook. 

Here is what the course covers:

  • Lesson 1: Where does stress come from?
  • Lesson 2: A simple step to lessen your stress
  • Lesson 3: You can stop trying to "manage" stress
  • Lesson 4: Why striving for "work-life balance" isn't necessary
  • Lesson 5: Clarity and calm are always waiting beneath a feeling of stress

Here's what you receive: You'll receive a .pdf with a link to the Canva template, which can be used in a free Canva account. Just personalize the content, brand it any way you like, and it's ready to sell. Easy!

Here are some ideas for how you can use this CourseBook: 

  • Ebook/workbook
  • 5-day challenge (free or paid)
  • Online course
  • Live group program 
  • Weekend workshop
  • Membership offer
  • Series of live talks
  • Private coaching
  • A course delivered via email
  • VIP day or weekend
  • Private podcast
  • Lead magnet
  • Social media posts
  • What else can your imagination dream up?

 Note: You can do almost anything with this content, but Amazon does not allow it to be used for a book to be sold on their platform. You can, however, create a .pdf ebook that you sell yourself. Full details are included in the Canva template and in the Quick Links in the lower menu of this shop. Thank you! XO Mary Schiller