BIG BUNDLE: Lessen Your Stress

BIG BUNDLE: Lessen Your Stress

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Get ALL the Lessen Your Stress done-for-you content for a BIG BUNDLE of savings. You'll save 20 percent!

Here is what the course covers:

  • Lesson 1: Where does stress come from?
  • Lesson 2: A simple step to lessen your stress
  • Lesson 3: You can stop trying to "manage" stress
  • Lesson 4: Why striving for "work-life balance" isn't necessary
  • Lesson 5: Clarity and calm are always waiting beneath a feeling of stress

This BIG BUNDLE includes ...

- the Lessen Your Stress 4,200-word, 5-lesson CourseBook in a fully designed Canva template (only a free Canva account needed)

- a done-for-you audio script version of the CourseBook, ready for you to add your stories and examples

- done-for-you emails to go out with the audio recordings

- an audio how-to guide to teach you how to make audios, the easier way

- the done-for-you Lessen Your Stress journal with 60 journal prompts that correspond to the CourseBook

- promo copy for the Lessen Your Stress journal

- the Lessen Your Stress done-for-you original image collection

Save 20 percent by buying this BIG BUNDLE and Lessen Your Stress.