What's a CourseBook? License details here

Hi Coach! Welcome to the world of CourseBooks, by Mary Schiller.

You've just discovered the modern way to create online courses, challenges, ebooks, group programs and more for your coaching business. Because they are done FOR you!

What if, every single month, you could offer your clients the most amazing experiences -- online courses, coaching programs, VIP days, whatever you love to deliver -- without spending days, weeks, months creating them yourself or hiring an expensive team to do it for you?

A CourseBook is a brandable, done-for-you Canva template that you can use to create your next coaching offer.

Sometimes this type of content is referred to as "private label rights" or "white label" content. Meaning, you can personalize it, brand it, put your name on it and go! A free Canva account is all you need.

A CourseBook a fully written document -- not just a pretty design template.

And ... it's professionally written by me.

I don't hire anyone to write CourseBooks because, frankly, I don't trust anyone else to make them of the superior quality I demand.

Here are some ideas for how you can use a CourseBook: 

  • Ebook/workbook
  • 5-day challenge (free or paid)
  • Online course
  • Live group program 
  • Weekend workshop
  • Membership offer
  • Series of live talks
  • Private coaching
  • A course delivered via email
  • VIP day or weekend
  • Private podcast
  • Lead magnet
  • Social media posts
  • What else can your imagination dream up?

Take back your time and ramp up your coaching business without having to do it all yourself anymore. Because that’s the modern way!

You can do almost anything with a CourseBook, but here are a few things that aren't permitted:

  • You cannot give away or sell the rights to the materials. They are for you only.
  • You cannot put the contents into a book on Amazon (against Amazon's rules).
  • You cannot give or sell the editable file to anyone, including clients or customers.
  • You cannot submit the content to article directories.
  • You cannot use my name, Mary Schiller, or my company name, SVP Consulting, Inc., on the content.
  • You do not own the copyright; you are purchasing a license to use the content.
  • If you want to sell a product made from this content on a site like Payhip or Gumroad, you absolutely must customize it and make it your own. Those platforms don't watch a bunch of people selling the same ebook, for example. Add your examples, include some wonderful audios, and so on.

Suggestions for using the CourseBooks:

  • If you're going to sell the CourseBook as-is, consider not putting your name as the author but saying, Provided By (and then your name).
  • Use the content in combination with your own.
  • Mix and match the CourseBook content.
  • Always add your own examples.
  • Change the colors and images to match your brand, style and voice.
  • When you use the CourseBooks for larger courses or training programs, price them appropriately. I recommend a minimum of $97.


Reach out to me on Instagram @maryschiller or email me, mary at maryschiller.com.

Have fun with CourseBooks! A new collection arrives the first of each month. Merci! XO Mary