Collection: CourseBook Audio Kits

Mary Schiller


Cash in on the power and popularity of audio, the easier way -- because I've written the audio script for you!

The CourseBook Audio Kits contain ...

  • the complete CourseBook (4,000 to 5,000 words, designed in a Canva template)
  • an audio script version, ready for you to personalize with your own examples and then record
  • emails to sent out with the audios, one for each (5 total)
  • a concise how-to guide for creating amazing audios for your audience, the simpler way

Audio is IN. People love listening to audios, and it's great for you because it helps people feel like they know and trust you. I got my first clients because I was sending people regular audios!

That's why I'm creating these CourseBook Audio Kits for you.

See what's available below ... and start recording and selling audios!


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