Why I walked away from (easy) $10-$20K months

It's not easy to walk away from money.

By the fall of 2021, I had been a professional coach for 5-1/2 years, and by all accounts, I had done well.

why I walked away from easy $10-20K months

I didn't have a huge audience (email list under 1,000), but I built some wonderfully strong relationships with people.

I also made good money as a solopreneur/coach: $10K months were the absolute minimum/norm, often $15K and even some $25K months were not all that unusual. I wasn't working tons of hours a week, either.

Over that time, I had changed directions in terms of the topics of my coaching (some life coaching, some business coaching), but overall I was doing the same things: coaching 1:1, coaching groups, selling online courses and other digital products, and a combination of all of the above.

And all of this afforded me the privilege of living in Paris, France, or anywhere I want.

So what's the problem? It all looks good, right?

It absolutely WAS good. GREAT, in fact ...

until it wasn't.

Because at the end of 2021, I realized something was happening that wasn't good at all.

I wasn't listening to myself.

As I discuss so often in the Mary's Principles talks, it's crucial that we listen to ourselves and not try to push down, or push away, our deepest desires for our life.

And I hadn't been. For how long? I'm not completely sure. But in December 2021, I knew that something had to change.

When we haven't truly listened to ourselves in a while, it can be difficult to tune into the frequency of what we really want. So I spent several months reconnecting with my Self, capital "S."

I kept asking, "What do you really want, Mary?"

I would come up with an answer, and I knew right away that it wasn't the truth.

I'd come up with another answer, same thing: I was still not giving myself permission to be totally honest.

And while all this was going on, my income started to dwindle, slowly but surely.

I had to keep reminding myself, sometimes hourly, that I was doing exactly what I needed to do: re-evaluating my life and my business and really asking myself what I wanted to be doing with my precious time. I needed to trust that the money would come to me again.

Big sigh. Lots of big sighs, actually.

Waiting for answers.

And then one day, the answer showed up in big, bold letters.

I have absolutely no idea how I ran across this particular person -- I'm not naming their name here -- but in an article I read, they were talking about how they had created an online shop that grosses $10 million/year in revenue.

With a small team of people. And with lots of heart and caring for their customers.

This is not a big retailer. This is literally someone like you or me: someone who started creating small digital products and decided to open an online store to sell them.

As soon as I read their story, it was like I had heard my own voice again -- finally.

I knew that that was what I wanted to do, too.

I wanted to create a million-dollar-plus shop: selling digital products and courses that help people have the life and/or business they want to have.

Along came another big sigh, but this one was a sigh of relief.

It was as if I had been holding my breath for a very long time, and suddenly I could breathe again. 

Everything relaxed: my mind, my soul, my body, everything.

I felt like a new person. Looking at photos of myself, I even LOOK like a new person. That's why I rebranded myself, too -- new imagery, new colors, the whole shebang.

Here's the thing: I was a good coach.

But ... I didn't want to coach people anymore. That was tough to admit to myself.

I wanted to create and sell wonderful digital products in an online shop.

Sounds so basic, right? It took me a long time to get there. I suspect I had had that desire the entire time I'd been in business and never allowed myself to imagine it was possible.

What would I sell?

That was the next question I needed to answer, but it didn't take long.

When I thought about how coaches struggle to sell something because they have nothing to sell, I thought, "I'll make things that they can put their name to and sell!"

That's when CourseBooks were born. I, myself, have purchased this kind of content ("private label rights" content) in the past, and I knew I could do better than anyone else out there.

But I didn't want to limit myself, either.

So I decided that I'd let my imagination and my heart guide me as to what to create, and that's exactly what I have been doing since May of 2022, when I officially launched my online shop. I've created sold CourseBooks, recordings of talks, and really awesome training guides.

Every month since I opened my shop, I have earned money -- often every day. Is my income at the same level as before? Not yet, but it will far exceed that very soon, I'm positive.

Because every day, I wake up and say, "I have a million-dollar shop."

And I act as if I do.

I create as if I do.

I sell as if I do.

I ignore anything within me that tells me I can't have it, because it's not true.

And I'm having so much fun, it almost feels ... unfair! Like, how is it possible to enjoy life this much? 

It's because that's what happens when we sink down into the truth of what we really want.

For real.

No faking it.

No lying to ourselves to feel less afraid.

No lying to anyone else to make them feel less afraid, either. 

I'm scared, too. I just don't care.

Because we've got more important things to do than answer to fear.

We have something else -- something much more powerful -- to answer to.


  • @Juventina, you can do it! We both can. XO

  • Thank you Mary. That’s my dream too, to have my own online shop. Love.


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