Why can't this all be easier? It can. Here's how

Ease is an option that is always available to us.

We make things difficult when we DECIDE to make things difficult.

Make things easier

You and I are no different from the trees, or the sea, or the stars.

The trees don't make things difficult. Nor does the sea. Nor do the stars.

Here's the truth: There isn't anything to actually MAKE difficult.

It's all easy, natural and perfect as it is. It's always in flow because there is nowhere else for it to be.

The tree takes the nutrients it needs from everything around it, and it grows. It doesn't question whether it's tall enough, or whether it's leaves are the proper shape.

The sea moves and teems with life, responding as it always has -- with ease.

The stars have no agenda, no goals, nothing to dim their light.

We are no different.

We just believe we are.

Just as the tree, the sea and the stars have access to all that they need and more -- infinitely more -- so do we.

And we're allowed to act accordingly.

We don't have to act as if things are difficult. We don't have to pretend that they are.

We don't have to struggle just because we're expected to.

What would happen if you simply acted with the ease that's available to you all the time?

What behaviors would start to emerge?

What behaviors would disappear?

This is how to create more of what you want.

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