The secret to selling with ease

Mary Schiller the secret to selling and sales

I'm about to say something really obvious. Here we go.

It's difficult to make money when you're not telling people how they can work with you or what they can buy from you.

Obvious, I know.

The thing is, people can feel really weird about selling. So if that's what's happening for you, it's OK. I totally get it.

I have heard that same sentiment from hundreds of coaches over the past few years.

Some of the reasons people feel weird about selling are things like ...

"I never know how to ask for the sale"

"I don't want to force people to hand over their hard-earned money"

"It feels like I'm trying to convince people to buy from me, and I don't like it"

"I stumble when I get to the price"

"I feel strange about charging for something that everyone should have for free"

And so on. Sound familiar?

Let's fix this in, oh, about 60 seconds.

Here's what to do:

👉 Know that selling is nothing more than saying, "If you'd like to take the next step, here it is, and here's how much it costs."

Period. No drama. No weirdness. Neutral. Factual.

People actually want to pay you.

A client of mine several years ago said, "Money is just like thank-you notes."

It's true, right?

It also helps me to remember that every day I don't offer something is another day where someone won't be helped by my genius.

So every day you keep your genius under wraps is another day when someone continues to suffer or struggle. I'm totally serious.

I think about Michael Neill, whose book The Inside-Out Revolution totally changed my life in 2014. What if he hadn't written that book and he and his publisher hadn't put it on Amazon to sell?

I'd probably still be suffering, as I did for nearly 30 years before finding it.

I think about the people who have read my books and who have written to me, appreciating what I've shared with them. If I hadn't written those books and made them available for people to buy, those people wouldn't have found what they needed.

Do me, and everyone else, a favor.

Create something or take something you already have created, put a price on it, and sell it this week. Just put it out there.

If no one buys right away, it's fine. It doesn't mean anything about you. Keep selling. Keep telling people about it.

The right people will find you because you'll be a beacon for them.

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