Need a freebie or small digital product, like, TODAY? Here it is

I'm so happy to bring you a free gift of done-for-you, brandable content that you can customize in minutes and offer to people TODAY!

The Cultivate Self-Love 30-Day Challenge is a fully designed, professionally written (by me!) document in a Canva template.

All you need is a free Canva account. Access the template, personalize it with your details in minutes, and it's ready to go! Download the .pdf and start giving it away TODAY.

Click HERE to get it now for free. In addition to the Canva template, you'll also receive the video, below (you can download it and keep it!).

Give people an incredibly powerful experience to boost their self-love and acceptance, and tone done all the self-judgment.

This challenge is truly awesome, if I do say so myself. It is a one-page, 30-day challenge calendar that is super-cool and super fun!

People will LOVE taking part in this challenge.

They can print it out and use it for daily inspiration. And here are some ideas for how you can use it to grow your business QUICKLY:

- As a freebie to grow your list: download as a .pdf, set up a simple landing page for people to subscribe and receive it, and it's ready to go. You can literally do this right now.

- As a paid e-course, sent by email every day + include the .pdf, too. Do this once, and it's done. As long as you have an email provider and a way to take payments, you can set this up quickly. Sign people up after you have written a few emails, and then stay a few days ahead of them!

- As a paid audio course: Record a daily audio to send out after people buy, with each day's audio related to that day's topic on the calendar. Use something like SoundCloud to upload the videos and send out the link daily. Do this once and get paid forever. Same thing: start now, record a few, get people into the course and keep going to stay ahead of them by a few days. I've done this many times!

- As a VIP 1:1 coaching package: Offer the .pdf to your client and coach them through this challenge over as long a period as you like (from 1 month onward).

- As a paid group-coaching program: Use a FB group (free) to host it and post either pre-recorded audio or video in the group, or host live Q&As or other talks as you go through the 30-day challenge with everyone.

Here's a video to show you more:

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