Let it be easy

Why do we seem to WANT things to be challenging?

I've learned a lesson over these past few years of being in business, which is this: If I decide something will be difficult, it is. If I decide something will be easy, it is.

For example, in spring of this year (2022), I decided that I would open my online shop and that it would be easy. At the time, I had absolutely NO IDEA how to open a Shopify store. I had NO IDEA how to sell anything from a Shopify store.

But as soon as I made the decision to a) open the shop and b) that it would be easy, guess what? I found a brilliant resource to make it easy. I followed the instructions, and I opened my shop.

I then decided it would be easy to start actually making money from the shop. So I shared the new CourseBooks with my small but amazing community, and my launch was a success. I sold several CourseBooks, which was my goal!

Paris, France

The thoughts we pay attention to are the ones that create our reality.

For 30 years, I paid attention to thoughts that indicated I was sick: that I had problems from trauma that would never, ever go away. I listened to thoughts that told me the trauma had decimated my chance to be truly at peace and truly happy.

When I realized -- finally -- that I did not have to give those thoughts/feelings any of my conscious energy and attention, guess what happened? They began to fade into the background. What took their place was happiness, peace and a sense of FREEDOM I have never felt before.

That feeling -- truth, really -- of freedom allowed me to start my coaching business from zero and move to this beautiful city of Paris, France, among many other things. The photo was taken from one of my favorite viewing spots of the Seine, the Pont d'Arcole.

Now, I choose to live as consciously as possible every day. If something comes into my consciousness that indicates a limitation, I gently wave at it and say, "Hi! I see you, but I'm going over into the limitless freedom that's available to me, where I can achieve anything."

Won't you join me there?

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