How to start when you don't know how to start :-)

This post is going to be rather blunt. I value your time and energy, and I don't want to waste it by beating around the bush. Just know that everything I say here, and everywhere, is done with love for you.

just start

How to start when you don't know how or where to start ... you just start.

With something. Anything.

If you want to create your own income online, for example, you need to offer something.

Make it free at first, if you want to.

Make it simple, like a 20-minute free phone or Zoom call (use Calendly to set it up, super easy).

Or keep it simple and charge something for a call (again, use Calendly, which can accept payments for you if you have Stripe or PayPal).

You have talents and skills. Let people benefit from them.

And then, allow them to pay you.

You could even say the call is free, and if they found it valuable and want to pay you something afterward, they can -- not required. Give them your PayPal address.


Yes, I am shouting at you, and for good reason.

I have had hundreds of conversations with people over the years who never take the first step toward what they want.

Why? Fear of failure. Fear of going broke. Fear of a volcano erupting and swallowing them up in lava. I'm not even sure.

Here's the thing: You have to be the one to do this. No one is living your life for you. You need to take responsibility and go do the thing.

It's a lot easier to do all of this than you think it is.

All you have to do is start.

So ... start.

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