Here's the secret ...

Everyone wants to know the "secret" of success in business: of making money, of creating their lifestyle of freedom, all that good stuff.

here's the secret

And that's where everyone is looking -- in the wrong direction.

Because there is no secret.

Here's the "secret" as to what you do:

1. You create something.

2. You share it with people -- just tell them about it.

3. You offer them a way to pay for it if they want to.

4. Along the way, you build connections because you're out there creating and sharing with people and telling them all kinds of cool ways you can help them.

This is not rocket science.

Here's the problem: Most people trying to have an online business, let's say, are spending their time on these activities ...

- Making their website look pretty, for the 100th time

- Spending 8 hours writing one email to their subscribers

- Spending 8 hours writing one blog post

- Spending days or weeks on something technical, usually on something they don't even need

- Shopping for the latest bright shiny object that will give them THE ANSWER they are looking for

- Investing in a setup that is WAY beyond what they actually need (like those funnel services that only work if you want to hire a FB ads manager and all sorts of other people)

- Spending days, weeks, months, years creating something to sell and then often never even offering it to people

How are you actually using your time?

My time is spent as follows:

1. I create things

2. I share things

3. I sell things

4. I build connections

If something I plan to do doesn't relate to at least one of those 4 things, I don't do it.

If something is going to take a really long time, I either don't do it OR I start with one small piece and create/offer that first.

And if, for example, I'm looking for a new tech solution, it REALLY needs to be something urgent, urgent, urgent. Like, it has to solve a big challenge. Otherwise, I don't bother.

With what I'm creating in this shop, for example, I'm providing you with something to answer #1: CourseBooks. You don't have to spend weeks, months, years creating something to sell because you're 90 percent of the way there with a CourseBook.

Your next step is to tell people about it and offer it to them to buy if they want to. That's literally it.

(Be sure to check out the FREE guide on 6 ways to make money with CourseBooks.)

Where is time being drained away on unimportant tasks that don't actually get you where you want to go? Eliminate them.

Then, be consistent about those other things. Stay in your lane. Stay focused. Keep going.

That's the "secret."


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