Get out there and sell. Please!

Every single day -- literally -- I run across someone who is selling something that is NOT GOOD, and yet they are making money selling it.

Get out there and sell stuff

This just happened as I'm typing this post. I bought a ticket to an online masterclass for $99. I couldn't attend live but am watching the replay that was -- finally -- sent to us.

It's not good. I'm 37 minutes into it, and I still have no idea what he's talking about. It's poorly organized and poorly presented.

Yet I know this guy has clients because I see how many people joined this particular group -- and how many followers he has. Plus, his name has been listed alongside some of the biggest names in the online business space.

Why are people like this making money?

Because they are out there selling!

The only reason they are making money -- and you may not be right now -- is because they are doing these 3 things:

1. They create something to sell: you have an advantage here, because you can use a CourseBook and have something to sell much faster. I've done the hard work for you.

2. They are showing up somewhere daily, so people know who they are and what they offer.

3. They are selling every day. They tell people what they have to offer and how to buy it.

That's it.

There's no need for drama here. No need for fear.

Create something. Show up daily. Sell daily.

Does Apple take a day off from selling? Does Coca-Cola? Do the big-name coaches remove their books from Amazon every few days or take down their website for a while?

No. It's absolutely OK to sell every damn day. In fact, it's what a business must do, in my opinion.

Scroll through Instagram. How many posts are selling something, even if they aren't saying so outright? Every jewelry or clothing company that posts a photo of someone wearing their stuff is selling something. Every coach who is posting a photo of themselves on a beach vacation is selling something.

What you have to offer is better than 99 percent of what's out there.

People are looking for you. They need what you have to offer them.

So get out there and sell stuff.

And if I can help with a CourseBook, then go for it. Let's make it even easier for you to start earning real money as a coach. Consider me part of your team and let me do the hard work for you. You deserve it.

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