Freedom from the clock

What would it be like if you never again had to live by the clock -- except your OWN clock?

freedom from the clock

What if you didn't set an alarm, unless you wanted to?

What if you ate when you wanted to, not according to anyone else's schedule except your own? Exercised when you wanted to, went on trips when you wanted to, relaxed when you wanted to, worked when you wanted to?

We are grown adults.

We have permission to make our own decisions and have agency over our lives.

Every time we turn over that permission to someone else, we are making an actual DECISION to do that.

If you want freedom from the clock, you can have it right now.

All it takes is making a new decision.

There are endless ways to achieve freedom from the clock. One way I've done it is by creating online courses and other digital products to sell. I create them once and sell them over and over again by sharing them by email, on social media, during talks I decide to give.

I've created assets that I sell. It's simple.

That's not the only way, of course. You might want to invest in other assets, like real estate or art.

I'll write more about this topic, but right here, right now, I'll say this: Our life is our responsibility. We are responsible for the decisions we make, the conscious ones and the unconscious ones.

The key is to start making more CONSCIOUS decisions.

The conscious decision I made to set myself free from the clock is one of the best I've ever made -- and I'm just getting started.

It allows me to be walking in one of the beautiful parks here in Paris and earn money (and impact people's lives) at the same time.

Mary Schiller

This may sound weird, but here goes: there is nothing special about me. I'm simply a person who wants to help others, and I want to do it on my own terms.

I don't want to report to anyone but me.

I don't want to rely on anyone but me.

I don't want to answer to anyone else's wishes except my own.

I want to be surrounded by people of my own choosing, people in a community that I have created through my expertise, my energy and my love for them.

Remember that you're in control of your own life.

You decide what you do and what you don't do.

If you want to change things, including living a life free from the clock, you can start today.

I'm here for you.

P.S. If you want a simple place to start, I invite you to purchase my training guide called 5 Steps to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Online Course (and getting paid to create it!). For under $100, you can change your life.

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