Doubt your doubts

As I'm typing this note, I have had so many doubts running through my mind all day. It started the moment I got out of bed, continued as I took my shower and ate breakfast, and off and on all day as I created more products for this shop.

Doubt your doubts

And yet ...

I managed to set up 3 new products and work on a fourth. I wrote an email to my wonderful community, posted in my FB group and wrote this blog post for you.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to hear all of those thoughts and wonder, "Are they actually true?"

But you know what I decided the moment I heard the stream of doubts in my head?

I decided I don't want to live in the Land of Doubt.

I want to live in ...

the Land of Abundance

the Land of Everything I Want Coming to Me, and Quickly

the Land of Mary Does Her Part But Doesn't Work a Gazillion Hours a Week

the Land of Money is Freely Available and Free Flowing

the Land of Mary Can Achieve All She Desires

YES! I want to live in ALL of these lands, and more.

What land do YOU want to live in?

Because here's the thing: we get to decide what energy we live in. We get to decide whether we give our focus to thoughts/feelings of doubt, for example.

For me, I'd rather doubt my doubts than give them my attention.

So I keep pouring my attention toward the truth of our innate creativity, capability and POWER. I let that truth guide my actions. I look for opportunities and allow myself to hear and act on new ideas.

That's what we're meant to do.

So next time a doubt arises, doubt THAT and not your ability to create whatever you want.

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