Create assets. Get beach. Let me explain ...

I'm gonna get right to the point here. (I'll explain the title in just a moment!)

If you don't create assets in your coaching business, you will continue to struggle to gain traction and reliable income.


I see soooo many coaches not creating assets, and they get burned out really fast. It's exhausting to have nothing to sell ... and then having to figure out what kind of coaching offer to make all the time.

That is not how it has to be.

When you intentionally create assets, you always have something to sell.

What do I mean by "assets"?

I mean things that you can package up and sell.

This blog post is an asset.

Social media posts can be assets.

Live talks that you give and record (do this every single time!) are assets.

Ebooks are assets, even short ones.

Your videos on YouTube are assets.

FB lives are assets.

Obviously any sort of online course or digital product is an asset.

Quick aside here: One of the main reasons I decided to create and sell CourseBooks was because I wanted coaches like you to have assets that are ready to package up and sell.


Here's an example of how to create several assets from just one thing:

1) Do, say, 3 live talks, even just on Facebook (for free or paid), on a topic you and your audience are interested in. 

2) Download the recordings.

3) Transcribe the recordings.

4) Sell the videos.

5) Turn the videos into audios and sell them.

6) Turn the transcript into a short ebook and bundle it with the videos and audios, and sell it. Or sell it on its own.

7) Take the whole package and use it as the basis for a VIP private coaching package, and sell it.

8) Take the whole package and use it as the basis for a group coaching program, and sell it.

Don't want to go to all that trouble? If you use one of the CourseBooks, you can turn it into almost anything. It's an asset that keeps on giving -- and you don't have to create it from scratch because it's already done for you. 

Create assets. Get beach. Meaning, create assets, sell them without having to be ON all the time, and you can have all the time you want to go to the beach and relax.

Now THAT is how to run a business!

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