Create your own breakthrough

I have a question for you today.

What if you just STOPPED doing things in your normal way, and instead, you did the opposite (or nearly)?



There's an episode of the show Seinfeld where the character of George decides that his gut instinct is responsible for all of his problems in life.

His solution? Do the opposite.

For example, instead of trying to cover up some truths about himself with talking with a woman he'd like to date, he simply tells her the facts: that he's unemployed and he lives with his parents. Impressed by his honesty, she agrees to go out with him.

I'm not saying that our gut instinct has to be bad.

I am saying that it can sometimes keep us stuck in a rut.

If it feels like what you've been doing isn't bringing you the breakthroughs you want, then stop doing it.

Do something different.

Here's an example from my own business.

For years, I had made quite a bit of income from running group programs. Whenever I wanted an income boost, I would design a group program on a topic I loved, and I'd sell it.

It worked well, but I wanted MORE.

I wanted a real breakthrough.

I asked myself, "If I couldn't run group programs anymore for some reason, what else would I want to do?"

The answer took a while to emerge, but it finally did: I would want to sell digital products, like courses and done-for-you content for coaches.

So I let go of my reliance on my gut instinct -- to create another group coaching program -- and started creating digital products, instead.

I have definitely experienced a breakthrough, even though I've only been selling these new products for about 6 weeks.

My income is steady and rising pretty quickly, which is exciting.

We have to create our own breakthroughs by breaking free of what we've always done.

If we don't, more of the same will lead to more of the same.

In other words, we don't WAIT for a breakthrough.

We make it happen by changing our actions.

What could you do differently -- in life, business or both -- that would create a breakthrough for you today? Feel free to tell me in the comments.


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  • Love the idea of doing the opposite of habitual behavior to get out of a rut and into something exciting. TY!


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