Color my world

Today, I decided to go to my favorite department store in Paris, Le Bon Marché. I was looking for something in particular (a purse I'm buying for my daughter's PhD graduation coming up), which it turns out they didn't carry in the store.

But no matter, because it's always such a glorious experience to walk through this store and marvel at the artistry.

There is something absolutely beautiful about the way this store is designed. I can't even tell you what it is. But when you walk through there, you feel like a million bucks!


On today's trip, I was surrounded by color. It was as if the entire store had realized that the pandemic was nearing its end and it could wake up and LIVE again.

I've honestly never seen so many colorful clothes at one time. Parisians like to dress in neutrals, so I wondered how many of these outfits would see the light of day here.

Certainly they fit the style of the Mediterranean. When I visited Nice a few years ago, my Paris neutrals looked decidedly bland in the company of all the colorful outfits.


Seeing all this color reminded me that even though I've left my California style behind -- no more shorts, bright T-shirts and the like -- my SOUL is still filled with color and life.

And that's what matters most.

I may go back and try on one of those orange or pink dresses ... or maybe the bright green if I'm really brave!

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