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There's a question I ask myself several times during the day.

It is the question that has allowed me to create the life I have now, and it's also the question that's allowing me to create the life I want going forward.

It's really simple.

Whenever I'm about to do something, I ask myself, "Does this [fill in the blank with whatever it is] support my dreams?"

Here is a timely example.

Today, I have been writing the audio script version of one of the May 2022 CourseBooks so that I can release it on June 1.

I decided to take a few minutes away from that project because writing and editing requires it; I will miss errors if I don't give those projects some space.

I had the thought of, "Maybe I'll go find something silly to watch on YouTube."

And then, I asked myself that question: "Does watching something silly on YouTube support my dreams?"

The answer was no.

Not only that, I realized that I didn't want to spend my precious time watching a stupid video.

So instead, I'm here writing this blog post because this activity DOES support my dreams.

It allows me to express myself.

It allows me the opportunity to reach people like you with an important message.

And it gives me the chance to share my shop with people -- a shop that is filled with things that can positively impact the lives of thousands of people.

Instead of living unconsciously and without intention, we can make a different decision. We can decide to fill our time with activities that mean something: not just to us, but to others, too.

Ask this question several times a day:

"Does this support my dreams?"

Your actions will change, and your future will change. 

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  • Very helpful post and an easy way to gently realign with what matters. TY


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