A mini rant about professionalism

In the past week or so, I have had 2 encounters with online businesses that have been unprofessional, and 1 encounter with an online businesses that was professional and helpful.

a mini rant about professionalism, by Mary Schiller
Let me explain the GOOD professional encounter:

I use Shopify for my store, and I was having trouble with a tech setting. Could not figure it out, even though I'm really tech savvy. I contacted the specific support team, and within a few hours, they wrote back with the solution. I responded and told them it worked, and they wrote back to essentially check in to make sure all was OK.

The 2 encounters with online businesses that I would call unprofessional have the same problem: Lack of communication and follow-up.

In both instances -- one paid, one free -- I was promised something that never materialized.

In the paid situation, I paid for a one-off workshop on a topic I was really interested in. I knew I couldn't attend LIVE (on Zoom) because I already had an important booking on my calendar, but I was assured that the recording would be made available immediately afterward.

It's been 2 days.

No word in the FB group.

No word by email. No thank you, no follow up, nothing.

In fact, the person just emailed me with the next offer that is 10X the cost of what I just paid for. Do they really think I'm going to buy it? As soon I get access to the recording, I'm unsubscribing.

The other was a free event, after which we were supposed to receive a follow-up email with important information. I contacted the leader personally to ask about it, and they promised it would be forthcoming. It's been a week since the free event, and still nothing.

People notice.

They won't give you the benefit of the doubt because there are too many other options.

But when you do the right things, they'll notice you for THAT reason.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, because I'm not. But wow, do I ever try to do things in a timely, professional manner. I think it's why most of the people in my audience have been with me since the beginning or even since BEFORE I had a business!

This post should be an encouragement to you, not a deterrent.

I'm shouting now: GET OUT THERE AND SELL YOUR STUFF! You can do better than people who are making a lot of money and churning through subscribers because YOU have INTEGRITY.
P.S. As of this posting, I have not heard from the paid event leader as to the recording, although it was finally posted in the FB group nearly 3 days after the live event. No explanation, no tagging us so we'd see it (even though several of us had asked about it). That is unacceptable. You Can Do Better. So Go Do It.
P.S. I finally got an email about the recording, but only in response to a request I sent to their support team. They tried to tell me it was in the FB group, but they only put it there AFTER I emailed them and just BEFORE I received their note. Basically, they told me I had missed it. So apparently it was my fault (um, nope). And yes, I unsubscribed.

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